What Our Client Says About Us


Wealth from Waste Cluster at Essae Chandran Institute began in the year 2015. The journey was tough, but precise, well -planned and carefully anchored by Mr. Ganesh Babu.

At Dimo, we were trying to cater to tight targets and high expectations of the customer at the same time sustain profit margins. Wealth from Waste Cluster was the perfect solution for Dimo.

The cluster through periodic reviews, training and hand-holding sessions helped transform Dimo’s Waste to Wealth.

We saw a consistent and phenomenal improvement in quality, delivery and profit margins. Simple and well organized techniques helped to cut cost, minimize waste, save on manpower and qualitative decrease in customer end and in-house rejection. With better employee involvement and strategies to improve KPI our core competence improved. By the end of 2015 we had better quality standards and on time delivery which made us the ’Most Preferred Supplier’ to our Customers.

We have been well guided to a point that Wealth from Waste has become a way of life at Dimo. The year 2015 saw Dimo change for the better.

Our sincere thanks to Esasae Chandran Institute, Mr. Ganesh Babu and Wealth from Waste fellow participants. We assure that any small and medium scaled industry that would want to become better performers, efficient and a sustainable enterprise, they should participate in the Wealth from Waste Cluster to realize their dreams.

ICP Testimonials

What was the journey like?

Personally and to our team the journey was an excellent learning experience and an eye opener to understand and implement improvements in our productivity, cost reduction and most importantly streamline our production process with better flow and discipline.  I would strongly recommend to the heads of the manufacturing units to consider this program, especially since this is not a training program and that it is an implementation program.  Just a simple example, our CNC machining for a particular product reduced from 5 shifts to 3 shifts, now multiply that for the whole year and long term!  

Why did you join the cluster? Reason?

We had a one day diagnostic in our manufacturing facility by the cluster anchor Mr.Ganesh Babu prior to us joining the program.  The few key observations during the diagnosis led to the fact that there was a huge opportunity to setup our plant based on product and not based on department.  This was the primary goal of our joining the cluster.  However we took away a lot more!

How did the cluster benefitted you?

5S improved by more than 30%, process setup to sustain on long term basis. 
Labour cost of certain large volume items reduced by about 28%. Lead time reduced from 10 days to 2 days for one of our regular product with Line production setup! 

Vijay Spheroidals - testimonial

The journey being in the cluster has changed our day to day activities in the firm from being ignorant to knowledge based, It was like an MBA course which taught us with our own company as a case study material, So we learn,clean and organise our company to run in a systamatic manner.

We joined the cluster as we were very confused about various things to do, as a head of the company i was trying to learn by hiring many consultants and had failed.Cluster programme promised us these very things so we took another chance but succeeded here.

It has benefited me to increase my knowledge base on various things and enforcing these things in our company has been challenging as we are a 25 year old company but with the help from cluster programme we are now looking forward to grow and become big in an organised way.