Essae ‘CEO’neself

CEOs of Emerging Enterprises are constantly engaged in fire fighting with daily management issues. In the process, they do not have time to build their organisation’s future, across business cycles and growth stages. In a survey conducted studying the challenges of Emerging Enterprises, a majority of the CEOs felt that it was ‘lonely at the top’. They seldom received leadership inputs and did not have a platform to bounce their ideas. They also felt that execution was a challenge and the CEO and his team differ vastly in terms of managerial capability.

Essae ‘CEO’neself is designed to provide CEOs with a forum to get leadership inputs, exchange ideas and reflect upon their business and its key drivers. The objective is to raise awareness by discussion and sharing. It gives the CEO time away from his daily business to think, reflect and plan ahead.

Essae Leadership Development Programme

A survey of 50 CEOs revealed that in managing business ambition, execution was a key challenge. The biggest reason was the vast difference between the managerial capabilities of the CEO and his team. While domain knowledge was present, the flair to propel aggressive business growth was missing.

Many of the CEOs felt:
  • Organisation was dependent on experiential learning to spear growth.
  • Business plans were in place, but seldom fructified in reality.
  • The leadership team lacked the competency to drive aggressive growth.
  • Problems came to them and solutions seldom did.
  • Leadership team was caught up in routine firefighting and did not have time to plan and execute growth.
  • There was a high reliance on them to make things happen, run projects and solve major issues.
  • Approach to market was reactionary.

The Essae Leadership Programme has been designed to enhance the competency and execution abilities of senior management team to drive profitable growth.

At the end of the programme, the leadership team will be able to:
  • Be solution providers. Execute better.
  • Be independent thinkers who can formulate initiatives aligned to business ambition.
  • Utilise MIS and data to think structurally and take sound business decisions.
  • Reflect and improve on their leadership style.
  • Optimise team resources to execute better.

Essae Management Development Programme (Enabling the Middle)

Many organisations groom manpower to take on managerial responsibilities. While the middle level has the domain expertise, they lack behavioural competencies that are required to enable implementation of business goals.

The fast changing business scenario and increasing stakeholder demands have resulted in increasing competency gaps in the managerial cadre.

Essae Management Development Programme is designed to enhance the behavioural competencies of managers that is required to spearhead growth.

At the end of the programme, the organisation would have:

A critical mass of influencers who:
  • Set the managerial benchmark
  • Influence teams towards high performance

A shift in thinking from ‘willing to do’ to ‘can do’
A middle management thst drives implementation of goals and facilitates achievement of 2x growth.
A larger pool of aspirants for the next level of inspired leadership