With globalisation and growing consumer demands, Emerging Enterprises(EE) are forced to scale up to meet global standards and stiff competition. However, many organisations lack the internal knowledge and expertise to scale up. Access to practical information is difficult and expensive.

Cluster Programmes are an initiative to enable Emerging Enterprises to overcome business challenges and achieve the next level of growth.

A group of non competing organisations with similar challenges are clustered together under an anchor. Tools and techniques are taught and implemented in the organisation.

Cluster Methodology:

The focus of the cluster is on implementation and transferring capability. We follow a robust system that involves an as-is study to understand the overall health of the organisation, an in-depth diagnostic to delve deeper into an area of concern or opportunity, handholding to make the transformation through Business Enabling and Business Mentoring sessions. The end outcome is that the organisation achieves the next level of maturity and capability is transferred in a particular domain.

Benefits of the Cluster:

  • Hand holding to traverse the journey of change
  • Capability enhanced after the association
  • Robust systems and mechanisms in place leading to standardisation
  • Speed of implementation is fast.

Wealth from Waste - Cluster

  • Is your business as efficient as it is capable of being?
  • Do you feel sandwiched between your customer and supplier on cost ?
  • Do you spend most of your time in production planning and managing deliveries?

To enable you to increase profitability and efficiency, Essae Chandran Institute Presents 'Wealth from Waste Cluster'

Through the Cluster, participating organizations would find solutions to questions such as :
  • How do I offset the operating cost that increases year after year?
  • How do I increase the shop floor productivity that has remained stagnant?
  • How do I service the demands of the customer and at the same time reduce the pressure of carrying too much inventory?
  • How do I adjust my production plan to suit the changes in customer demand?
  • How do I make my supplies linear and systematic to my customers?
  • How do I ensure sustainability of operations and be competitive?

Growth & Strategy Cluster

  • When was the last major, high impact directional decision taken or strategic shift made in your company?
  • Are the routine day to day operations and challenges of customer, competitor and the company forcing you to do more of the same, without looking to act on a radically different future?
  • Are you facing challenges in aligning your team too your vision to execute rather than be routine bound?
  • Is your strategy maximizing your share of market potential?
  • Do you feel that your resources-time, manpower and money is not leveraged enough?
  • Do you have a clear long term plan but are unsure about your execution?

Essae Chandran Institute is pleased to launch the Growth & Strategy Cluster, that will enable you to :

  • Position your business to achieve the next level of profitable growth
  • Identify a structural approach that accelerates growth, but at the right costs
  • Create some churn in thinking about people and processes
  • Deliver a well thought out and 'fit for purpose' business plan
  • Accelerate execution of the business plan
  • Push your business to “follow the money” in every line of the P/L
  • Leverage existing strengths. Enhance team capacity

Finance Cluster

  • Do you require a dispassionate assessment of your business and an insight into managing your finances ?
  • Do you feel that your current financial management is insufficient to enable the realization of the long term vision of your organization ?
  • Are banks and internet the only source of your financial knowledge ?
To empower you & your organisation,

Essae Chandran Institute Presents Finance Cluster

Through the Cluster, the participating organizations would find solutions to questions such as :
  • How do I manage my working capital cycle ?
  • Am I using the appropriate pricing for my product and service ?
  • What are the accounting and budgeting processes that I should adopt ?
  • How do I manage my costs ?
  • How do I take investment decisions based on data and experience ?
  • What is the cost-effective way to service debt?
  • What are the financial indicators and dashboards that I should be looking at ?
  • How do you ensure sustainability of operations & a competitive advantage ?

Human Resource

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Value Engineering

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